AIESEC in Greece

Ready, Set, Teach

Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects with an opportunity to work as a teacher abroad

Benefits of becoming a Global Teacher

International Experience

Differentiate yourself by having an international experience in your CV!


We will help you choose your project, prepare you for your experience and debrief it as well!

Develop Yourself

An opportunity to develop your soft skills, hard skills and build your network!


You will receive a certification after the completion of your project.

Places you can go!



How to get started


Sign Up

Fill in the registration form. We will use this information to get in touch and find the right experience for you!


Get In Touch

We will contact you as soon as possible through a phone call and schedule a meeting to discuss more about your goals and help you apply to the project that fits you best. We will also offer support on improving your CV, so make sure you have it at hand!



After finding the opportunity that suits you, you will go through the application process of the specific project, and pay the fee once you are accepted.


Ready, Set, Teach!

The exciting part starts! We will help you get ready to go on your life-changing experience.

Note: In the sign-up form, you will be asked to enter a code to create your account on our global platform, aiesec.org. We don’t store the password in the aiesec.gr, so your data is safe! You will also be able to log in to aiesec.org with the same information you fill in here.

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